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Mob Alert 3D ArrowsMob Tracker is a Decal plugin for Asheron’s Call. In order to use it, you must have the latest version of Decal installed( Alpha 8).

Mob Tracker provides the user with a handy way to hunt down rare spawns and other desired monsters. When a monster is detected that matches the name on the mob list, its name and coordinates will be shown in the chat window. In addition, an in-game 3D arrow will appear and point directly toward the monster. The mob’s name and coordinates will also be added to the tracked list.

The tracked list and the 3D arrow will both update live. The 3D arrow update is instantaneous and the coordinates on the tracked list update every other second. If the mob gets killed, goes outside of range, or stays on the list too long, the arrow will disappear and the mob will be removed from the tracked list.

You can clear the tracked list at any time by clicking the Clear tracked List button.

You can add the names of mobs you want to track by entering it in the provided field and clicking ‘Add’

To remove a mob from the list, selet it in the dropdown combobox and click ‘Rem’

Mobtracker includes some preset groups of creatures that you can enable/disable on the options tab with a single click. This is useful for finding Viss Golds, doing Hunter tasks, finding Fallen, etc. Groups which are active in this list are found and tracked in addition to those in the user-configurable list.

Mobtracker collects mob spawn data and sends it anonymously to a central server. I use this data to generate spawn maps which are available in game and out of game. To view the spawn map in game, enable the Spawn Map HUD and select a mob from the dropdown list. The HUD size can be set in the XML file.

12/30/2007: Mob Tracker 1.2 is now available! New functionality is the ability to report data on items other than mobs (Steel chests, etc.) and the new mob spawn viewer with super high-res maps!

9/9/2008: Mob Tracker 1.4 is now available! Vista compatible, updated maps for 100th update, and now has Rare reporting!


Mob Spawn HUD

Tip: The MobTrackerSettings.xml file contains several elements that can be used to adjust various settings.

Tip: MobTracker registers two hotkeys in DHS. These can be used to cycle through tracked mobs.

Tip: MobTracker always puts the name of the currently selected mob in the Add field.

Tip: MobTracker saves its preferences after every modification to settings.

Tip: MobTracker includes an offline viewer. Check the link to the left for details.


Download MobTracker 1.4 Installer (Decal

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