Mob Dungeons

Mob Tracker uses the dungeon ID to tell what dungeon mobs spawn in. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to translate ID to name. Thats where you come in! Simply type the command /loc and you will see something like this:

Your location is: 0x0299001F [81.671265 165.425186 24.004999] 0.836855...

The four underlined digits are the ones we are after. In the case above, it is 0299. That is the dungeon ID. Enter this ID below along with the name of the dungeon it belongs to and, if known, the coordinates of the portal that led there. The character and server name fields are optional, but I will credit the original submitter with 2500 points per verified dungeon name/ID pair!


Click here for a list of Dungeon IDs that I need names for. (opens in new window)

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