Spawn Maps

The Mob Tracker Spawn Map Viewer is a small utility that allows you to view spawn maps outside of AC.

The program is installed in the same directory as the Mob Tracker plugin, which is by default under the Yew’s Plugins directory.

When you run the program, there will be an empty map of Dereth and a button called Get List. When you clik the button, the program will go out and get the latest list of spawn maps from this site. Once this is done, a drop-down list of mob names will appear.

When you select a mob name from the list, the program will go out and get the latest spawn data for that mob and display the location where they have been seen on the map. The mob’s name and the date of the spawn map generation will appear at the bottom of the image.

Note that the mob spawn maps are generated based on the data available as a direct result of running the Mob Tracker plugin. The more people run the plugin and collect data, the better the maps will be. Periodically, the maps and data may be cleared out to reflect spawn changes as a result of patches, etc.

12/30/2007: The spawn viewer now uses huge maps with 2048x2048 native resolution and has both zoom and the baility to hide the base map to more clearly see spawns. The new maps are more colorful as well, with yellow indicating many spawns have been abserved at that location..


1. Run MobSpawnViewer.exe

2. Click ‘Get List’ button and wait for Combobox

3. Use Combobox to select mob name to view.


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